What causes cracks in ceramic tiles?

There is always a remote possibility of an individual fractured tile, usually caused by not being bonded properly and then being impacted by an object dropping o n it. That type of fracture is repaired by replacing the damaged tile. A sure rule of thumb to determining the problem: if the crack goes from one tile to another on a continuous line through the grout joint, the problem, without any doubt, is in the substrate; usually a crack in the slab. The damaged tile would have to be removed, a crack isolation membrane put down and the tile reinstalled; which should solve the problem.

Are you licensed to do concrete removal?

Yes, Spotless Tile Cleaning Melbourne is an insured company that offers out-of-the-box tile cleaning and other tile and grout related services. Concrete removal is one of our specialties and we have been offering concrete removal in Melbourne successfully for the last 10 years.

What kind of services do you provide?

We at Spotless Tile Cleaning offer you a complete range of tile and grout cleaning services along with other tile and grout related services at both residential and commercial level. We aim to provide you the best of services at one place at affordable rates. From tile cleaning, grout cleaning, to tile removal, bathroom removal, kitchen removal, floor coverings removal, grass cutting, plaster removal, drilling post holes, concrete removal, to site preparations at domestic and commercial levels.

Where are your services available?

Spotless Tile Cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne. So no matter in which part of Melbourne you reside, we are just a call 1800 052 336 away.

What are the reasons for grout cracking? Can you repair them?

There could be several factors that could lead to grout cracking. Some of them are:

  1. Incorrect installation
  2. Loose tiles
  3. A supple substrate
  4. Using of non-sanded grouts in wide grout joints
  5. Unfilled grout joints at the time of grout installation
  6. Lack of expansion joints

What kind of tiles can you clean?

Spotless Tile Cleaners are trained to offer immaculate cleaning of a variety of tiles in Melbourne. Our expertise ranges from ceramic, limestone, slate, timber floor, sandstone, porcelain, marble, travertine, vinyl and lino, granite, quarry tile, terracotta, to bluestone. We are accustomed of cleaning all sorts of hard floors with much ease and effective results.
So no matter what kind of tile you have, we help you give a new look to your home/office at an affordable price.

Do you offer tile stripping and sealing?

Yes, we do offer tile stripping and sealing services in all suburbs of Melbourne. Serving Melbourne’s suburbs for more than a decade, our cleaners have got enough experience to provide you complete tile and grout solutions for residential and commercial properties. For an accurate quote you can call our customer executives!

Is there any guarantee for your tile and grout cleaning services?

We guarantee our tile and grout cleaning services at Spotless Tile Cleaning Melbourne. We promise you we won’t charge you anything until we are able to give you a satisfied experience with our tile cleaning services. Call us for a free quote.

What does the term grout recoloring mean?

Grouts can sometimes get so dirty that it becomes impossible to clean them. In such a case, you have the option to go for recoloring the grouts and give them a new look. When the color fades away then grouts can be recolored and we do it at an affordable price at Spotless Tile Cleaning Melbourne. You can either enhance the existing color of your grouts or change them completely by choosing another color for them. Call us to know more.

What if I have a question that has not been included here?

Just pick up your phone and call us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions related to our company and our cleaning services in Melbourne. We will be glad to help you in whatever way possible.

Do you provide tile and grout cleaning on weekends?

Yes, you can easily avail tile and grout cleaning services and all other related services from Spotless Tile Cleaning Melbourne on weekends too. What’s more? We are also available on public holidays. So just pick up your phone, make an appointment, and let the experts give a shining look to your tiles and grouts.

How do you clean tiles?

At Spotless Tile Cleaning, we indulge in the most efficient tile and grout cleaning methods. We use a toxin-free environment friendly cleaning solution, high pressure and heat to penetrate the surface of the floor to eliminate all kinds of particles including those of dirt, contaminants, and grease. And this literally restores the surface of your tiles and grouts.

When should I walk or continue my work after a tile and grout cleaning session?

It is advised to stay off from the freshly cleaned floors for at least 30-40 minutes. Also, avoid getting the floor wet before the sealant dries completely.

Can you remove water marks from tiles?

Yes, Spotless Tile Cleaning Melbourne is known for its spotless cleaning services for your tiles and grouts. Our expert tile cleaners are equipped with latest technology and equipment to provide you a completely spotless cleaning service with no stains at all. For tougher stains like water marks we do follow a pre-treatment of stains that ensure no stains are left once our cleaning is done. Call us for stain-free tiles and floors.

Do you clean tiles with machines or hands?

ANS: Each cleaning requires different cleaning processes. It depends on the type of damage on your tile. Sometimes we use hand scrubbing or high powered equipments. In our pre-inspection our team would let you know.

What is the type of cleaner I must use on my sealed tiles and grouts?

You must use some neutral cleaner which will be best for your sealant floor. Moreover, it also preserves the look and shine of your tiles. Do not use any acidic or harsh cleaner with harmful chemicals in it. A mild cleaning solution is always better. Also, avoid bleaching chemicals as they can fade the look of your tiles.

How can we maintain our cleaned tile and grout?

Our experienced and professional tile cleaners can help you to learn how to maintain your tile and grouts.

How much time do you need to apply anti-slip for tile & grout?

We won’t take much of your valuable time. Our anti-slip application process for an average standard room typically takes 3 to 4 hours. Through the process, we strip away all the waxy accumulation. However, for a big size room, it may take more time. Again I must say there are certain other deciding factors like the size of the tile and accumulation of dirt in the grout lines which should be considered.

Do you provide tile sealing service and how does it help?

Yes, we do provide tile sealing service. Our tile sealers are expert in sealing porous tiles. Tile sealing will help you to prevent grout to get dirty and also prevent tile stains. Tile sealing creates a layer of protection on the tiles. After tile sealing, tile surface becomes smooth easy to clean or mop your tile. We strongly recommend your new tiles to get tile sealing protection that will give more life to your tiles and protect tiles against deterioration.

Is vacuuming so vital to keep my carpet clean?

Due to continuous accumulation of dirt and dust the carpet get Soiled. In the efflux of time, dust and dirt gathered. These dirt plays a huge role in wearing down your carpet prematurely. Here come the real role of vacuuming. Vacuum at least once a week will give you a better result. The process of vacuuming prolong the life of your carpet. It really help you to keep the carpet clean and free from allergies for the better health of your pets and kids.