How to Maintain Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Most of the homeowner wants to have ceramic and porcelain tiles because these types of tiles are considered most reliable surfaces and easy to care. If you have also ceramic and porcelain tiles, your proper floor maintenance can keep your tiles clean and shiner.

Your regular maintenance will help them to preserve their original intensity and virtue. So, when you notice that your tiles or grout are dirty, clean them quickly with expert cleaners or by doing yourself. There are given below guidelines for maintaining Porcelain and Ceramic Tile. So, read carefully and know how to clean or maintain tiles and grout in your home.   


Helpful Guidelines to Maintain your Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

  • Tile Countertops:

    Cleaning tile countertops is also essential to make your home appearance better. Use a pH-balanced carpet cleaner to clean tile countertops. You can keep your ceramic and porcelain tiles clean and neat with some cleansers like an acidic cleaner. If you have heavy grease and oil stains on your tiles, clean them with liquid dish soap. Remember, do not use cleaners with dyes that contain bleach properties such as ammonia, or abrasives. These cleaners are not recommended for ceramic, porcelain tile, and grout, as they can fade the colour of your tile or grout. You can also lease our cleaners for perfect tile and grout cleaning services. 
  • Tile floors:

    For tile flooring, you should start from vacuuming. First, vacuum your tile flooring and remove dust, dirt from the tile floor. Using rugs or doormats on the entrance is the best ways to reduce the amount of dust and dirt. Do not scratch tile stain, it may affect your tile colour. But you can clean your tiles with a liquid solution of a mild cleanser at least every two weeks or contact our specialists for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne
  • Clean bathrooms tiles:

    You must clean your bathroom tiles when you have porcelain or ceramic tiles in your bathroom. For regular cleaning, you can use a neutral or pH-balanced cleanser. This will manage your tile appearance and remove everyday dirt and stains from the tile surface. In the bathroom, you can also hire our professionals for bathroom tile cleaning. Because we have the best tile cleansers for making your tile shiner through our professional cleaning.
  • Regular repairs:

    Regular maintenance is also important to have well-appeared tiles in our home. You must keep your eye on your tiles and grout. If you found any damage issue, fix it so that you can prevent further damage. If the grout is damaged, hire experts for professional tile and grout cleaning
Tiles and Grout Service
Tiles and Grout Service

Get More Professional Services for Tile Flooring

If you want to get other services for your tile flooring, get to us from Spotless Tile Cleaning. At this company, we are giving professional tile and grout cleaning services in residential and commercial areas of Melbourne. We use reliable tools and effective cleansers which are safe and will give desired cleaning result. So, be quick and book our professional services.

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