Stepwise Guide For Kitchen Tile Cleaning

Cooking is a hobby for most of us and we all need a clean and hygienic kitchen to make this vacation more enjoyable. Cleaning the kitchen after carrying out the cooking task is a difficult thing especially when it comes to cleaning the tiles. The kitchen tiles become very filthy due to the oil and grease which constantly stick to them while you cook food. Professionals advise cleaning the kitchen tiles regularly to keep them in good condition. There are various commercial tile cleaners available in the market which can be put into use but it is better to go for an eco-friendly and natural solution.

There are many ways to clean the stains and dirt accumulated in your kitchen tiles. You need to choose the solution according to the type of your tiles. It might take a little time to clean the tile using a natural solution but you will receive an effective result. To get the best kitchen cleaning result, follow the below-given steps. 

Kitchen Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cleaning Service

Steps to Clean The Kitchen Tiles

  1. Step: Wash The Tiles With Soapy Water –

    In the first step, all you have to do is thoroughly clean your tiles using the hot soapy water. You can choose the best and suitable soap and mix it well in a bucket filled up with hot water. Take 4 gallons of warm water and add 2.5 tablespoon amount of soap. Washing the tiles using soapy water will help in removing the loose particles and other dust residing on your tiles. Make sure to choose a fresh cloth to clean the floor. 
  2. Step: Add Vinegar –

    In the next step, add 1 cup of vinegar in the bucket and use the same cloth to clean your kitchen tiles. Vinegar helps in removing tough stains like oil and grease. It is widely used to remove the tough stains. If the stains on your kitchen tiles are very stubborn then take a spray bottle and add soapy water and vinegar into it and spray on the particular stained area, later scrub it using the brush. Do not forget to clean the grout lines between the tiles. Keep scrubbing and spray the solution until the stains become light.
  3. Step: Rinse The Tiles –

    Once you thoroughly scrub your kitchen tiles rinse it using freshwater. Use a good cloth to wipe the solution on the tiles. Rinse the tiles thoroughly and ensure that there is no vinegar and the soapy solution is left out on your tiles. You can even sanitize your tiles using baking soda after rinsing and then later wipe the soda properly. Most of the kitchen owners clean and sanitize the tiles using vinegar and baking soda for an effective result.
  4. Step: Let The Kitchen Tiles Dry –

    In the end, Let the kitchen tiles thoroughly dry. On the fan and give proper ventilation so that it gets dried thoroughly. You can even open the window so that all the smell from the kitchen tiles vanishes and it looks fresh. 
Best Kitchen Cleaning Service
Best Kitchen Cleaning Service

Hire The Professional Kitchen Tile Cleaning Service

There are chances that you don’t get an outstanding result when you try the DIY method to clean your kitchen tiles, so you can hire the professional cleaners. Spotless Tile Cleaning offers exceptional tile and grout cleaning service in Hobart.

We have a skilful team to clean the kitchen tiles. The solutions used by us are very effective and clean the toughest oil and grease stains from your kitchen tiles. Call us now to hire our cost-effective tile grout cleaning in Hobart.

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