Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are made to avoid any confusion in the business and a smooth flow in the deal.  We recommend our customers to read the below terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are only applicable to tile and grout cleaning services by Spotless Tile Cleaning. It would be appropriate if the customer read the terms and conditions once, this will ensure a smooth flow between the deal.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Why putting terms and conditions are important?

  • It’s necessary to ensure from our side that the deal between us and customer remain smooth.
  • The conditions are also important because of the agreement. If there is no mutual understanding between us and the client, there would be no control in case of an odd situation.
  • To give a picture to the clients, how things will function.
  • Making things right, in case of any complaints, customers can reach out to us so that we can resolve the issue with satisfactory results.


All the fees are made by Spotless Tile Cleaning and contain all the necessary conditions. These prices are subject to be changed when there’s alteration needed.


When we complete the task, the client will receive the final bill. Which is needed to be paid, a receipt shall be provided by one of our executives after the payment. The payment can be done using the credit card or cash. If the client wants to do the payment through bank transfer, the payment should be completed before the scheduled appointment day.


When the booking is done, a confirmation message on email will be sent to the client to confirm the booking from our side. A reminder email has been also sent before the scheduled appointment from Spotless TIle Cleaning side. If the clients want to cancel the booking, it should be done before the one day of the scheduled appointment. There will be no cancellation charges for cancelling the booking before one day of the appointment.

If the client is failed to inform the Spotless Tile Cleaning before one day of the scheduled appointment, there’ll be a cancellation charge of $100 would be applicable including GST. Thus, our clients are suggested to cancel the booking before one day of the appointment to avoid any fine.


Any changes can be done anytime in the booking, however, an extra fee may be applicable depending on the changes made. If there’s any potential risk in the premises, the customer is needed to inform us about it. So that we come prepared.


We ensure that all the process runs smoothly and all the safety measures should be followed properly. In case anything happens which can’t be control and damages anything premises, we can not be held liable for that. However, if there is negligence from our side, we’re ready to take the responsibility and fill the gaps. In case after the work completion, you notice any damages which may be done by our workers, you need to inform us before 5 days.


  • The client is suggested to not to intervene in the work premises if clients continuously interrupt the work, there will be no responsibility of us.
  • If there’s any potential risk in the premises, the customer is needed to inform us about it. So that we come prepared.