Why are Tile and Grout Stains Not Easy to Clean?

When you install the tiles, they look so vibrant and beautiful. But when the time passes, you will come to know that, how this turned out to be a nightmare. The grout became dirty and stained and the tiles also became greasy.

Actually, these things need proper cleaning routines, at least once in 15 days or so. If you are able to clean these things perfectly then it’s great. But, if you are not able to maintain them then you must appoint a tile and grout cleaning Canberra service.


Be Careful of Stains on Tiles and Grout

The stains that are there on the tiles and the mold and dirt that gets accumulate in the grout. It will be something you must be careful of. These stains do not go easily and then that will affect the look of the tiles and also, it will become a thriving area for germs and bacteria. A few stains, you will be able to remove easily. But the stains like that of nail polish, food color and greasy stuffs you will not be able to remove too quickly. Often, people feel that for such stains, bleaching agents would be good. But there are a few dangers as associated with using bleaching agents in tiles and grout. In fact, it would affect the top layer of the thing and might even make it rusted or rough.

How to Remove Tough Stains on Tiles and Grout?

  • If you want to remove even the smallest of stains on the kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, then you must make a cleaning routine every week. Take some hot water and dip the mop in that. Now, wipe the kitchen tiles and the bathroom tiles. Leave the fan on and open the windows for ventilation and let the tiles dry up.
  • If you come across the tough stains then you must mix baking soda in water and apply the same on the tiles and then clean with the brush.
  • For the grouts that have mold, you might need the mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water and then wiping the grout and tiles with this. Later, you must wipe it with normal water too.
  •   If the greasy things have spilled on the tiles, then quickly remove the same using warm water and the mop. If the stains form on the tiles, they will be tough to be removed. 

Call Upon The Best Tile Cleaning Service

If you feel that the above mentioned tasks are all quite complicated in nature and you want to appoint someone for tile and grout cleaning then you can get in touch with us. We know how to take care of your needs. At Spotless Tile Cleaning you can stay assured about our services. We are pioneers for Canberra. We know that you are busy with your own schedules and so if you would like to hand over these cleaning tasks to us, we would accept them happily.

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