Why Your Shower’s Failing Caulking May End Up Costing You Severely?

In case your caulking near your shower is failing, you may have to pay heavy bills for its repair. Caulking prevents water from entering your flooring and walls. And if this problem is left ignored, it can result in serious tile damage. So, if you want to save yourself from tile replacement, check your shower caulking from time to time.

For a proper inspection on whether your place needs re- caulking or not, seek professional assistance. Professional tile and grout cleaners have relevant skills and experience to bring back your shower tiling and caulking in place. In this blog, you will get information on why your shower’s failing caulking might cost you heavily. 

Reasons Shower’s Failing Caulking May Cost You Heavily 

Common Issues With Caulk

  • It peels off in a damp, moist and wet environment 
  • Moisture present in bathrooms and showers leads to mould growth. This decreases the caulk strength of your and it turns blackish in colour. 
  • Moreover, in dry climates too, the caulk dries off and shrinks. This shrinkage makes small cracks in the corners. 

Why Does Caulking Fail? 

Most of the caulks are made from silicone or acrylic material that is not weather-friendly. So, the caulking is affected by both dry and wet settings. The showers are moist zones and therefore, caulk peeling is the main problem. Furthermore, in dry summers, you can observe shrinkage and cracks in the caulk. This can detract from the condition of your showers. Regardless of how high quality caulking you may apply or reapply, it will result in a failure, every time. However, some tile and grout specialists have found ways of keeping your caulking last longer. 

Why It Is Beneficial To Avoid Caulking? 

Not just regular maintenance of having your shower caulking seals every four months, you can easily observe an increase in service costs. When your caulking shrinks, it forms cracks that serve as a breeding place for mildew and moulds. Basically, you are inviting more problems when you apply caulking in and around the shower area. Mould formed due to caulking issues not only destroys the aesthetics of your shower area but also gives a bad smell and infections. 

Similar problems are faced by people when they go with bathtub caulking. Just like showers, most people apply caulking to stick bathtubs with walls. But again this isn’t a permanent solution! The caulkings will break sooner or later and give advancement to germs and moulds. So, it’s better to avoid caulking showers and bathtubs. 

What Is Better Solution Than Caulking? 

There are epoxy grouting and regrouting services available. The epoxy sealers seal up your shower corners very accurately without even breaking or falling off the surface. Unlike caulks, epoxy seals do not crack or shrink. However, very few tiles and grout cleaning companies offer this service. But you should consider doing a detailed survey and get the best service provider. 

How Can Our Tile Cleaning Specialists Help You? 

Spotless Tile Cleaning offers top class epoxy tile and grout Cleaners at Melbourne. Our tile cleaners offer a special no caulk method that boosts up the look of your showers and bathing area. Moreover, this type of sealing is very sleek and not bulky at all. Our tile and grout cleaning specialists can manage all your tile related issues at a very fair rate.

Our company is locally based and stays active 24by7. We have greatly invested in our epoxy sealing methods and tools that will fix your caulking problems permanently. For a piece of detailed information on how to book an appointment, service charges and inspections call us on 04 8884 9279

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